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Ergonomic Wire Stripper

Ergonomic double dipped handles with air cushion pockets provide a comfortable grip reducing hand fatigue. Strips 10-20 gauge wire. Cleanly cuts 6-32 and 8-32 bolts. USA made tool.

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Hack Saw

High tension frame design helps blades last longer and is more comfortable to use than other framed hacksaws. Un-matched versatility to make either standard or flush cuts. Convenient blade storage in top frame bar. USA made tool.

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Hand Saw

Made for cutting large PVC and ABS pipe. Optimum tooth design lasts longer and cuts straighter than other saws. Available in 9", 13" and 18" cutting lengths. USA made tool.

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Mini Hack Saw

Ergonomic handle made of tough resin gets into difficult to reach areas. Quick change blade

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Rope Saw

Cuts plastic, wood, rubber and more! Cuts in places you can't get other saws into. Ergonomic grips allow you to use your whole hand instead of just a finger or two. USA made tool.

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Wire Stripper/Cutter

Narrow nose fits into tight places. Spring-loaded action for self opening. Hardened Steel with precision ground paired stripping holes for 10-22 gauge wire. Wire looping and bending holes.

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