Do you have a tool-less end of run fitting?

Yes, see the KwikConnect icon under the Products tab.

How do I get my distributor to stock KwikSlip?

Make sure you make a point of letting the branch manager know you want them. Have them contact their Dawn rep with any questions. Every distributor can get them into the branch overnight if needed.

Why do you have two different colors of swing elbows?

The colors distinguish the size. They’re easier to identify in the box, or when they’re loose on the floor of your truck. 1/2 inch is orange and 3/4 is taup

How well does your clampless swing end hold?

Our Barb and Spike design ensures that once they’re inserted they won’t come lose.

I already get these items from another vendor, why should I buy them from Dawn?

By getting these from us allows you to consolidate vendors , and make it easier for you to make freight and keep your cost down.

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