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Every quality product starts with a quality design. Our engineering department is responsible for designing and improving the many products we manufacture here at Dawn Industries. New products are born here and existing products are made better here.

Our molds are built in house by some of the top craftsman in the business. Most companies outsource their mold making. Not here, we pride ourselves in unprecedented speed and quality that can only be accomplished by building and servicing all of our molds here on site.

Many of our products are manufactured in high strength plastic. Plastic offers our customers lightweight, durable and cost effective parts. Molding plastic components since the early 70s, our experience in molding high-engineering grade thermoplastics has established us as a leader in the plastic injection molding industry. Our arsenal of state-of-the-art injection molding systems ensures the most accurate parts available. We increasingly employ more robotic technology to help speed up operations.

Steel is a funny material. Heat it too much and it becomes hard and brittle. Heat it too little and it remains relatively “soft” and easily fatigued. Our unique heat treating processes ensures a very controlled, uniform tempering. Our blades are strong enough to withstand great force and hold a razor edge, but flexible enough to resist breakage under load conditions. This effort produces some of the longest lasting teeth and cutting edges in the industry

Each of our fine products is subject to numerous machining operations such as high-speed milling, grinding, punching and drilling. CNC (computerized numerical control) equipment makes fast and efficient work of most machining operations.

Our QA technicians keep an eye on our quality at all stages of manufacturing. They continually test product samples for adherence to strict quality control standards in support of our commitment to the finest quality products available.

Some of our finest craftsmen work in this department. They ensure that our cutting products have the sharpest and most consistent edges on the market by testing each and every product that passes through their hands.

This stage is where all of our Services come together. From fitting screws together to attaching blades onto the handles, every product is assembled to a very high quality tolerance.. Assembly is departmentalized by skill set or automated to create uniformity, reliability, and a higher quality.

Our keen-eyed inspectors are the final judges of quality. If they don't like what they see, the customer will not see the product. Every product is conveniently packaged with attention getting graphics to help you merchandize and sell our products.

Our shipping associates are always on the move and extremely detail oriented. That's what it takes to ensure on-time and complete orders on delivery.

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