Insert Tees, Couplers & Threaded Adaptors for Polyethylene to Swing/Drip

The KwikAdapt line of products offers fast, secure connections from Polyethylene Pipe to Swing in a one-piece design. The barb and spike combination keeps the Swing in place even under pressure surges.

“Strong & Convenient”

  • Save on material cost
  • Faster to install
  • Universal thread sizes
  • Save on labor cost
  • Easier to install
  • Strong and convenient
  • Barb & Spike design

Part Number(s)

SW1401-099 3/4" Poly X Swing/Funny Tee
SW1401-129 1" Poly X Swing/Funny Tee

SW1413-073 1/2" MPT X Swing/Funny Elbow
SW1413-099 3/4" MPT X Swing/Funny Elbow

SW1403-003 Poly Swing/Funny Tee X 1/2" MPT

SW1429-003 Poly Swing/Funny Coupler
SW1429-099 Poly Coupler Adapter ¾” PE to Swing
SW1429-129 Poly Coupler Adapter 1” PE to Swing

SW1401-003 Poly Swing/Funny Tee

SW1436-073 Poly Swing/Funny Straight X 1/2" MPT
SW1436-099 Poly Swing/Funny Straight X 3/4" MPT

DMA17-050 1/2" X 17mm Drip Pipe Coupler

DC1429-017-003 Drip/Swing Coupler
DT1403-017 Drip Tee X 1/2" MPT

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